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Rosalind Gardner’s “Super Affiliate Handbook” Review

In today’s internet we see an overwhelming clutter on “How to Make Money Online” infoproducts. You know, the ones that promise rags to riches in no time with little or no effort from your part. You have probably bought one of those ebooks in the past, only to realize that the true chance of you becoming as successful as the ebook vendor were very slim, if any at all! You’ve probably set out in hope to make some money, you may even have tried affiliate marketing before, but failed to materialize any sizeable profit. Too much competition, there are almost no niches in which there is potential to turn a profit, not to mention your web design knowledge is very limited, and a string of other seemingly unavoidable hurdles. It is very easy to give up too quickly and too many aspiring netpreneurs suffer from these teething problems.

I too adopted the wrong approach in Affiliate Marketing in the past. I lost money with PPC advertising, most notably Google Adwords, did not conduct a thorough market research, my site was poorly designed, my traffic a measly 25-50 uniques a day, I didn’t even had a solid link building strategy, among other problems that invariably led me to my internet business demise.

At that point I had tried every single money making guide or system under the sun: taking online surveys, Google AdSense, MLM, even affiliate marketing. OK, I admit, I wasn’t thorough enough. I wasn’t persistent. I hadn’t tried hard enough. Maybe the systems were right and I was wrong. Hmmm…

Until I found Rosalind Gardner’s “Super Affiliate Handbook” and gave it a try. That was about 2 months ago. The result? In a word:  unmissable.

The Super Affiliate Handbook is more than just an ebook. At a meaty 210-page ebook, Rosalind covers every single aspect of the affiliate business right from the outset. From niche and keyword research, she talks the reader through web building options, affiliate product selection, affiliate networks and how they work, different commission structures and how to choose among them, visitor retention and tons more. It is the only affiliate marketing guide that emphasizes the business vision in the long term, rather than the quick buck mentality. Want fast cash? Ask your employer for some over time. Want to build the foundations of a successful, profitable affiliate business? Then by all means get your hand in a copy of Rosalind Gardner’s Super Affiliate Handbook.

You might me interested to know what my personal experience with the Super Affiliate Handbook was. Here are my findings:

•    In just under two months I had net sales of just over $ 1,600 (I agree, not great, but at least I made a profit, I know of many who just go broke in the first two months, so I’m up for a good start).
•    My site ranks # 18 on Google for my main keywords with a little bit of article marketing, some social bookmarking, 1 squidoo lens and basic on-site SEO. Give me a couple more months and I’ll make it to the top 10, all other things being equal.
•    I have a variety of monetization options on my site, including CPA (cost per action) AdSense and a clickbank widget that brought in some decent sales. Sweet!

Should you buy the Super Affiliate Handbook? That depends on what your expectations are. As I said earlier, if you’re after a quick buck, go see your boss for some overtime. The Super Affiliate Handbook probably won’t be the right choice if one or more of these facts applies to you:

•    You struggle to organize yourself and follow a set plan.
•    You want immediate or very quick results.
•    You are unwilling to learn techniques and strategies that are specifically designed to improve the bottom line of your business.
•     You lack motivation or desire to succeed.

On the other hand, The Super Affiliate Handbook will definitely be of great benefit to you if…

•    … You like setting goals and laying out a plan to achieve them.
•    You are organized, focused and persistent.
•    You like the idea of being your own boss.
•    You enjoy the concept of having your own business.

Watch the videos below to further educate yourself towards, hopefully, making a decision to get your hands on the Super Affiliate Handbook! Enjoy…